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Put A Caravan On Agricultural Land

Can You Put A Caravan On Agricultural Land – So I have made a video on this topic before about placing a static caravan on agricultural land before. But as the sound is so bad I thought I would make another video as so many people were complaining about it. Let’s talk about can you put a caravan on agricultural land..?

But you can watch this video with better sound on the topic and how I managed to get the right to keep my caravan on my agricultural land. It worked for me and I know many other people who live in static caravans around me and my town. There are many people living in caravans all over the UK and this is 99% of them got the right to do it.

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If you are thinking of starting a small farm then this is the channel for you. I will be covering lots of different topics in many different subjects. The small farm business is no different from other businesses and to make a profitable farm you just have to follow some basic rules.

You only need a little helping hand along the way. Hope to see you around more often and thanks for watching..!

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