Retired Couple Living Off-Grid Shares Their 8-Year Experience

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Energy Efficient and Allergen-Free Home

In this video we’re meeting Art & Mary, a retired couple who set out to build an energy efficient and allergen-free home, and ended up living fully off the grid!
They have a massive solar power system for the majority of their electrical needs, they process all their own firewood, grow and forage a lot of their own food in the summer, and they collect rainwater for watering their garden!
Art and Mary are a really inspiring couple and it was interesting to sit down with them to find out why and how they’re thriving in their off-grid lifestyle.
The house is built with Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), it’s super well insulated and has triple glaze windows, which helps keep the heat in during the cold months, and keep the heat out during the warmer months.
They mainly heat with their wood stove, but they also have in-floor heating that is controlled by multiple thermostats throughout the house. The building code where they live requires an automatic heat source that can come on even if no one is home, and they also know that one day they may not want to cut as much firewood.
For now, they harvest and process all of their own firewood themselves, cutting down trees in winter, and cutting them in the spring.
Credit to : Exploring Alternatives