Building a Natural Swimming Pond (And Digging it by Hand)

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A Natural Swimming Pond

In this video I show you how I transformed our small pond in front of the passive solar greenhouse into a natural swimming pond. You see me digging the hole, building a wooden wall for the swimming area, installing the bubble pump filtration system, building a jetty and planting the first water plants.

0:00 Intro
0:36 Digging The Hole
3:05 The Liner
3:48 Shovelling Sand Into The Swimming Area
4:01 Cleanup Work
4:10 Pond Layout
4:28 Building The Wooden Wall
5:29 Filtration System
7:17 Groundwater Problems
8:37 Planting Substrate
8:56 Jetty Part 1
9:28 Bubble Pump Test
10:05 Jetty Part 2
10:37 Building A Strong Edge
10:55 Planting Plants
11:23 First Swim
11:33 Landscaping
11:58 Seeding
12:23 Planting A Tree
12:33 Outro
Credit to : Manuel Angerer – Temperate Climate Permaculture

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