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NO DIESEL LEFT – The Chaos Begins : Diesel Shortage UPDATE

OK so if you guys haven’t heard about the shortage of diesel a diesel shortage of fuel shortage that is happening now they’re warning us a few days ago that there was 25 days until we run out of fuel diesel that is, but now it’s only a couple weeks away and this is updated information on that diesel shortage or that fuel shortage that USA is expected to see in just the coming days we’re talking only a few days away from possible food shortages major inflation on fuel costs and diesel prices are you ready for prepping have you been prepping for SHTF because now is the time to be prepared comma news headlines all over about the upcoming diesel shortage with the supply chain issues with fuel it’s going to get crazy.
This is a crazy diesel shortage that all the news is talking about a crazy fuel shortage and diesel and from and diesel inflation that is expected and continuing gas shortages have you heard about the diesel fuel shortage? It is all about diesel and diesel is what gets everyone everything to all the stores and everything gets delivered by diesel powered machines and the gas prices will be affected. Have you been to get some fuel at the gas stations and seen diesel prices lately the economy is a complete rack at the moment and diesel prices are expected to rise so bad that it’ll affect inflation and create a major energy and I can we have you thought inflation now you gas and was bad now you pre prepping is to help you get through a economic crisis like this people that are prepping now and watching new stations like FOX Business news or watching Carlson on Fox News are getting a heads up on what to expect if you’re watching us here on Riverside, Homestead life or other prepping channels like Canadian prepper or Alaska prepper you will get updated with what’s going on with empty shelves and learning about how SHTF is here a lot of world crisis is going on including food, shortages coming and empty shelves coming with this diesel shortage scare. We will probably see empty shelves in 2022 if not, we will see empty shelves and food shortages in 2023 for sure some say and preppers in 2022 are getting ready here in USA, so get filled up be ready for anything and hope nothing happens.
Credit to : Riverside Homestead Life