The Ultimate Chicken Run: Part 1 Choosing a Space & Run

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The Ultimate Chicken Run: Part 1 Choosing a Space & Run

Welcome to our new project. We’re building the Ultimate Poultry Enclosure, a Chicken Run that show-cases the best of British retailers. Over the series we’ll talk you through our choices, the security, the housing and of course the enrichment to keep your flock entertained. There’s lots of ideas that you could adapt for your flock whether you have two chickens of two hundred!

In part 1 we’re clearing the space and building an 18m x 3m permanent chicken run.


GARDEN LIFE DIRECT make robust and heavyweight walk in runs that can be used for your chickens, rabbits, ducks or even your dogs!

As at October 2023, Garden Life Direct have a large sale of 30% off on runs so other discount codes have been suspended

We grow our own food on our smallholding and endeavour to be self-sufficient. Subscribe to see more of our life including self sufficiency videos, recipes, garden tips and chicken keeping. We breed Buff Orpington chickens and have kept them for a number of years.


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